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Straight-Ahead Jazz and Bebop

Camille is an accomplished singer and pianist and can be seen performing around New York City with her band. 

Her recording of "The Nearness of You," with David Linard on piano, has been streamed more than 1.4 million times on Spotify and plays on the radio all around the world. 

She is an expert sight singer and has sight read for composers such as Milica Paranovic, Paul Castles, Marc Chan, Luna Pearl Woolfe and more. 

She plays regularly with Wayne Tucker, Nathan Ellman-Bell, Georgia Weber, Dan Stein, David Linard and has sat in with many musicians around the world.


Available as:
  • Duo (voice and piano/voice and bass/voice and guitar)
  • Trio (voice, piano, bass and drums)
  • Quartet (voice, piano, bass, drums, and trumpet)
  • Combo (voice, piano, bass, drums, trumpet, sax and more)
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