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Mixing and Production Work

MA Digital Media and Technology from BerkleeNYC

Camille was part of the inaugural class at BerkleeNYC's Masters Program at The Power Station in Hell's Kitchen. While she attended the program, she produced and mixed her recent record "A Pair of Bats in the Dark," under the mentorship of Gloria Kaba, Merilly James, and Will Wells among others. 

Since graduating, Camille has begun her freelance career mixing and producing records.

Her clients include, Nickelodeon, Merrill Lynch, Pets for Vets, Adobe, as well as artists such as Broadway performer, Christin Byrdsong, and children's musician, Miss Julieann. 

She also provides podcasting editing, mixing, and sound design services and is currently working on the podcasts, "Won't You Sing With Me," and "Divorced People hosted by Nicole Quallen." 


Some examples of past work:

"No Goodbye" is an original composition by Camille which she arranged, produced, mixed and mastered for this video. 

Camille composed and produced the music for this "Pets for Vets" infomercial. 

Camille composed and produced the music for this "Clean Cube" web spot alongside her friend and fellow producer Jeff Kerestes. (Okay yes, she also acted in it, too.)

Camille composed, played and produced (alongside her friend and fellow producer Jeff Kerestes) all three parts of the "Legends of Douglas" series for Adobe Analytics. 

Camille produced the first single for Broadway performer Christin Byrdsong. 

Camille mixed and mastered Miss Julieann's children's song "Five Little Acorns." 

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