Camille  Harris

musician, Performer, playwright

FYC in the Grammy Awards®:

Best Children's Album

Camille Harris

Baby on the Subway

  • 2020 Parent's Choice Award Winner!
  • 2020 Tillywig Toy Top Fun Award Winner!

“Mr. Rogers is smiling down from heaven on this one, both in the music and the message. Let this be your neighbor!” - Jazz Weekly

"Will have children bopping along and jazz loving parents wanting to hear the recording again and again." - Parents' Choice Awards

“The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is not known for producing smiles, but cute infants and toddlers in transit can still elicit giggles and grins...Camille Harris celebrates that phenomenon” - New York Times

"Richly-conceived jazz harmonies and melodies abound amidst standout performances and stellar arrangements." - Tillywig Toy Awards

“A bundle of high-energy, joyful fun, Baby on the Subway is a choice pick for personal and public library children's music collections.” -Midwest Book Review

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Selected Tracks:

Baby on the Subway
Camille Harris (Baby on the Subway)
The Jiggly Wiggly
Camille Harris (Baby on the Subway)
Camille Harris (Baby on the Subway)
Get up and Try Again
Camille Harris (Baby on the Subway)
The Backwards Alphabet
Camille Harris (Baby on the Subway)
Muffin Man
Camille Harris (Baby on the Subway)


1. Jiggly Wiggly
2. Chopsticks
3. Muffin Man Nursery Rhyme
4. Muffin Man
5. Procrastination Song (Untitled)
6. Wheels on the Bus
7. Baby on the Subway
8. The Aegean Sea
9. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
10. Get Up and Try Again
11. Old MacDonald
12. The Backwards Alphabet
13. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/Baa Baa Black Sheep/ABC’s Medley
14. Lullaby

“Chopsticks” written by Euphemia Amelia Nightingale Allen, lyrics by Camille Harris
“Wheels on the Bus” written by Verna Hills
“Old MacDonald” written by Thomas d'Urfey

All other compositions by Camille Harris

Arrangements by Camille Harris, Georgia Weber, Dave Tedeschi, and Wayne Tucker

Horn Arrangements by Wayne Tucker

“Baby on the Subway” arranged by Camille Harris, Dev Avidon, and Craig Howe

Camille Harris - Vocals/Piano
Wayne Tucker - Trumpet/Flugelhorn 
Georgia Weber - Acoustic Bass
Dave Tedeschi - Drums/Percussion

Produced by Camille Harris & Dev Avidon
Recorded at Systems 2, Brooklyn & Mixed at Avidon Audio Labs, New York by Dev Avidon
Mastered by Maria Triana
Photography by Natalie Deryn Photography
Graphic Design by Haley Bond Peterson

Additional Musicians:

Hila Kulik - Piano (Tracks 1, 4, 5, 8, 10)
Bill Todd - Flute/Clarinet/Alto/Baritone Sax/Vocals  
       (Tracks 1, 5, 11, 12, 13)
Tom Larsen - Guitar (Tracks 7, 12)
Laura Dadap - Cello (Track 14)
Tamir Shmerling - Electric Bass (Tracks 7, 12)
Marianne Cheng - Vocals (Tracks 2, 5)
Colin Egan - Vocals (Tracks 2, 5)
Carolyn Meade - Vocals (Tracks 2, 5)
Georgia Weber - Vocals (Tracks 5, 11)
Dave Tedeschi - Vocals (Tracks 5, 11)
Wayne Tucker - Vocals (Tracks 5, 11)
Jordan Clifford - Vocals (Track 5)